Who we are

"Shree Shantidham" is a shelter for those Senior Citizens who have toiled for the greater part of their lives shouldering work and responsibilities, but today either they are shunned away by their families or they have no one to fall back upon. But still nevertheless they are entitled to the privilege of spending their twilight years in rest, relaxation and enjoyment.

We, at "Shantidham" believe that these elders deserve the best facilities and services we can provide. No effort is spared to cater to their needs in terms of health and nutrition, fitness and recreation, spirituality and prayer, fellowship and bonding, security and convenience. When you come to the Ashram, the best facilities and amenities await you.

Our dedicated team of Staff minister to the residents of the Ashram taking care of their every need. Our Support Staff is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Ashram and its residents. Their contribution is indispensable to the Ashram.

Basic Facilities

Following are some of basic facilities provided to the inmates :

  • Outpatient Medical Care
  • Round-the-clock Nursing Care
  • Dining Hall - Bhojanshala
  • 24 Hours Hot Water (Solar)
  • Housekeeping Attendants
  • Round-the-clock Security/CCTV
  • TV with D2H Cable Connection
  • Telephone/Internet Facility
  • Paramedic/Ambulance Services
  • Inpatient Treatment In Hospitals
  • Full-fledged Modern Kitchen
  • Prayer Hall
  • Library Cum Reading Room
  • Lift Facility
  • Water Softener & Purifier Plant
  • Basic Medicines & Essential Commodities
  • Functions like Religious Festivals, etc.

In addition to all the facilities, in the middle of the campus there is this beautiful Panch Shikhari Jinalaya wherein 44 Pratimajis adorne the temple. There is a place for Meditation also where in Adhisthayak Dev Devis are seated.

There is also a Sadhu Bhagwant Upashray and a Sadhviji Bhagwant Upasharay on both the sides of the Jinalaya. Hundreds of Sadhubhagwnats / Sadhviji Bhagwants visit / stay during their Vihar yatra from/to city of Ahmedabad.